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Aurore Pariente

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In our last article with Aurore Pariente, we discussed her transformation with her body type, physique, and tattoo collection. In this article Part Deux, we wanted to learn more about her transformation journey and tattoo collection. Her transformation was not about popularity or getting Instafamous but a personal journey of confidence and growth. At what time in her Aurore’s life did she know she wanted to get tattooed and take the next step…

French tattoo model, Aurore Pariente’s personal journey – explored.

Interview with HOUSEINK Magazine

Two years ago you started to get tattoos and model.  At what moment did you realize you wanted to begin your transformation and why?

Since I was 12 years old I had wanted to get tattooed. My first band was a punk rock band and I had always liked this style, but I was not ready.  I wanted to wait for the right moment to do it right. At that time I believed you needed to live out your all life a little longer before making permanent decisions, like getting tattooed. Once you got tattooed you couldn’t turn back.  This is what I would call a real adult choice. It is strange to think that I started to get tattooed in a moment of my life where I was so lost and depressed. I did not know what I was going to do with my life, and I just wanted to feel good about myself. I started an Instagram account and looked at all those beautiful girls online and they inspired me to improve myself and get more self-confidence. Soon after,  I  started getting tattooed.  Modeling with my fresh ink gave me the confidence I had been looking for.  In two years I reached 1 million followers and started getting a lot of positive feedback… and yes some negative. But it was more about how I felt.  I look at myself now and feel beautiful, as a start to a new journey.  Is the fix-all for everyone…?  I cannot say, but I can say it was my start for me.

When you decided to get tattooed, where and with whom did you choose and why?

When I decided to get my first tattoo, I wanted the best so I went to a famous tattoo shop in Paris, called Tintin Tatouage. I knew I would find the best artists there and that the shop was safe and perfect for me. There are many tattoo artists nowadays, and I did alot of research and study before making my first appointment. I wanted a talented and professional artist to cover my body with something that I knew would last for ever and mean something to me.  Right now I have maybe 10 different artists on my body in different styles.

Do you have a favorite artist or style that you gravitate towards?

I do not have a favorite artist but the artwork I enjoy the most is graffiti. I draw myself some in my spare time and I like street art for its freedom.

Fast forward two years- how do you see your future self (goals) and what would you tell yourself two years ago that you know today.

I do not see myself in future, I want to enjoy the present. I am always doing my  best to improve myself and my life, that’s pretty much it.  Staying in the present.

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