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French Tattoo Model

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In Aurore’s early 20s you could find her in Paris, DJ’ing and mixing up the nightlife with french beats. French tattoo model Aurore, returned to her hometown Avignon four years ago to open up a permanent makeup shop using tattoo ink. She called it cosmetic tattooing because she was the only one in France that officially used tattoo ink instead of permanent make up, for tattooing eyebrows and freckles. The result was more natural, lasted longer, and was important for keeping the ink stable over time, avoiding discoloration. Aurore was attracted to the cosmetic tattoo industry because of eyebrows. She felt eyebrows were the balance of the face and structured the look like nothing else. “I believe the eyebrows are the most important thing on a woman’s face.” Over the years she was determined and patient, and ended up launching her own brand and shop specializing in cosmetic tattooing, Le Sourcil By Aurore. As Aurore got more involved in her career she started modeling, and two years ago launched her Instagram page @aurorepariente, reaching over one million followers. Her decision was not for popularity but to build confidence in her body and physique that she had hated for years.

Interview with HOUSEINK Magazine

Did you have any tattoos when you launched your instagram page @aurorepariente? What was your first photo shoot like?

Actually when I started I had no tattoos at all. I did all of them in two years. It was kind of an accomplishment. As you can imagine my first photo shoot was a nightmare because it took time for me to find the right photographer that could capture my body the way I wanted in a beautiful artistic way. It was so difficult. I wanted to cry every second of this first photo shoot.

How do you feel going into a shoot now and modeling?

I still feel that way sometimes. It is not because we look hot and self confident on our Instagram pictures, that we actually are. Most of the time we are quite opposite. I’m fighting against this feeling everyday to advance in my career and continue to represent my brand and model.

What inspired you to start collecting as well as taught you something on your journey? What are your favorite tattoo styles?

I got tattooed because I am collector of many forms of art in this world. I have many tattoo artists on my body, I choose them for their talent. There is little meaning or inspiration. For instance, when I have finished all my projects, I will have enough. I don’t want to hide all my body. I think some parts need to stay empty. Many things and people have inspired my life and journey. I take something from all the people I meet everyday, and I am always learning and growing from them as well as myself. My two favorites styles of tattoo are Japanese and old school.

Do you have a motivational quote? What does it mean to you?

“Always deliver more than expected.” would be my favorite quote but you can lose yourself as well with that if you are not self-confident. That is the perfect balance I am fighting to find.

People must know that there is not second in my life where I am not fighting against my devils and my hypersensitivity. It is a gift, but it can be a curse as well because I feel everything stronger than most people. Most people think and say that being sensitive is a fault but it is not, it is the most beautiful thing ever. Many people have tried to break my dreams and feelings. My advice is to never give up, fulfill your dreams like I do and always… find confidence and beauty in all your strengths and faults.

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