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Model covers 70% of body in tattoos after growing sick of Megan Fox comparisons

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Aurore Pariente, who boasts 1.4 million followers on Instagram, said she inked 70% of her body because she doesn’t want to be compared to Megan Fox anymore.

A model has opened up about why she’s had so many tattoos done on her body over the years. Aurore Pariente began her tattoo obsession four years ago and now she’s inked around 70% of her body.

But the French beauty, who boasts 1.4 million followers on Instagram, insists there’s a reason why she’s invested in a lot of body art.

While most of us love getting told we look like actors or actresses, Aurore simply didn’t like the idea of it.

Over the years, many people told the professional make-up artist she looked a lot like US actress Megan Fox.

Aurore Pariente In Bed

Aurore Pariente In Bed Photoshoot

She said: “At the beginning of my career, I was always told that I looked a lot like Megan Fox, but I didn’t like that.

“So I started tattooing myself to feel unique.”

Aurore lives in the South of France in a town called Avignon where she works as a model and professional make-up artist.

Asked about the number of her tattoos, the bombshell admits she’s lost count with how much ink she has.

She added: “Not yours to say the number because they are all connected, each piece of the drawing connects with another. “I already thought about removing a tattoo in the beginning, but now I feel freer with them, I’m used to it.”

Considering it’s clear how much she loves tattoos, the model revealed she’s not planning any other designs.

She explained: “The only parts I don’t have a tattoo on my body are on my neck, butt and breasts.

“I want to make my body beautiful, not hide it completely.”

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